Northwest Iowa TEC

  One Weekend... One Encounter... With The Christ

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Apply for TEC Today! The next November TEC is hosted by both Cross Roads and Northwest Iowa TEC counsils

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What is TEC all about?

TEC is meant to be a Christ-centered relationally-styled experience in a Christian community for teenagers. Through the formation of leadership teams, retreat weekends, and various forms of follow-up, youth are given the opportunity to grow in personal faith and to express a corporate faith in witness and service to others.


TEC is an expression of the desire to participating congregations to offer a culturally relevant, encouraging exposure to the journey of faith. Teenagers have the freedom to consider their commitment to Christ and His church in a loving, attractive way.


Based on scripture, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and surrounded by prayers, the TEC community can bring evangelism, revitalization and discipleship into the lives of youth, spreading to their congregations, schools, communities, and familes.


TEC is offered as an expression of God’s grace and love extended to all; regardless of race, gender, economic status, or educational achievement.

What do you even do at TEC?

During the weekend at TEC the candidates here personal testimonies or "Talks" that are given by fellow students and peers. After hearing a talk the group of candidates who are together or their "Table" splits off into a group for time of personal reflection and share time.

There are many other things such as meal times, activities, and music that all take place during the weekend.